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de-blistering machine

IMEL presents the ECO50 serie universal de-blistering machines, capable of de-blistering all types of blisters with quick format changeover and without the use of additional tools.


The  machine parts are completely removable and washable. 

The machine is manufactured with certified materials, suitable for a direct contact with pharmaceutical and food products.


What makes the ECO50 serie an efficient device is the thought hold in its planning. 

The ECO50 serie allows the rescue of blisters with irregularly arranged pockets thanks to the possibility of manual adjustment of the wheels.


IMEL presents different solutions of the ECO50 serie that meet the needs of the customers according to their necessities.

Automated pharmacy dispensing

De-blistering of tablets or capsules from bulk-supplied blisters and refill cartridges from automated dispensing systems.

Clinical trials in laboratories

De-blistering of tablets/capsules from unused packs for valuable clinical trials.

Quality control testing

Testing packaging material characteristics.

Pharmaceutical production and packaging facilities

Emptying finished blisters which have been rejected from the packaging line because of empty pockets, poor seals, incorrect batch coding etc. The good product can then be re-packaged to increase yield and reduce wastage costs.

technical data
Technical data

ECO 50 M

Universal semi-automatic de-blistering machine


The machine operates electronically while the blister is inserted manually.


Equipped with protection sensors that detect the closing of the machine and the correct positioning of the recovery trays of the product and the blister.

ECO50 M.jpg

ECO 50

Universal manual de-blistering machine


Both the activation of the machine and the insertion of the blister are manual.

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