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Who we are . . .

IMEL S.r.l.

Company founded in the 70s, with its roots in the south of Milan.

Born as a mechanical workshop for the production of molds for third parties, over the years it acquires and develops its know-how, specializing in precision mechanical production and third-party assembly.

In a few years the structure grows and acquires orders in other sectors such as railways and iron and steel.

The company is characterized by a continuous evolution of production processes thanks to innovative CNC machines, 3D CAD-CAM software and specialized personnel.

The production processes and the processing cycles have always been constantly monitored and are carried out with the application of procedures that guarantee constant quality in all conditions.


ISO 9001: 2008 certified since 2004, for the engineering and railway division, it continues to evolve to ensure continuous control and improvement in its business processes, obtaining the ISO 9001: 2015 certification in 2018.

This growth leads the company to develop new products in the packaging sector, obtaining the patent for an innovative adjustable guide component and developing blistering and leak test machines.

IMEL S.r.l. has always been a reliable and competent partner for its customers.

IMPack 4.0 Semi-automatic Laboratory Blistering Machine has been designed by our engineering team who faced the challenge to develop a machine which could create in laboratory a complete blister in one step. Our slogan is One Step One Blister, and this is the innovation introduced in the semi-automatic blistering process production.

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